A New Model Course in Applied Quantum Physics
E.F. Redish, R.N. Steinberg, M.C. Wittmann

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The following is a brief outline of the contents of the New Model Course in Applied Quantum Physics site. This overview should provide an introduction to the structure of the site.



  • Course description
  • Course philosophy
  • Example course outline
  • Summary of course materials

Understanding how
students learn


  • Introduction to physics education research
  • Reserach-based curriculum design in quantum physics
  • Investigations of student understanding
    of quantum physics
    • Overview of research program
    • Models of conductivity
    • Models of tunneling
    • Spectroscopy
    • Probability and potential energy diagrams
    • Interpretation of the wave function
  • Investigations into student understanding of the prerequisites of quantum physics
    • Mechanical waves
    • Physical optics

 Classroom materials


  • Summary of course materials
  • Tutorials for small group learning environments
    • Set of tutorial materials, including pretests,
      in-class tutorials, and tutorial homework
    • Links to releated research results
  • Course software
    • Photoelectric Tutor
    • Visual Quantum Mechanics
    • Physlets
    • Spreadsheet physics
    • MUPPET
    • CUPS
    • MBL materials
  • Daily web-based essay questions
    • Implementing an essay assignment system
    • Example questions
  • Examination questions
    • Example conceptual exam questions
    • Links to related research results
  • Applied homework problems
  • Reading handouts

 Teacher's Guide


  • Motivation for course modifications
  • Description of possible modifications
  • Example videos to show classroom interactions
    (video not included on WWW site)




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