A New Model Course in Applied Quantum Physics
E.F. Redish, R.N. Steinberg, M.C. Wittmann

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Classroom Materials

These materials have been designed to provide an improved learning environment for students. By providing a setting focused on active engagement and conceptual understanding in conjunction with the traditional lecture setting, we hope to help students learn the physics of quantum mechanics more effectively. For a description of the manner in which these materials can be used in the classroom, click on the link for "Instructional Philosophy" at the bottom of the page.

For an overview of the curriculum materials, arranged by content within the quantum physics course, click here.


Interactive classroom activities designed to help students have a fundamental understanding of critical topics.

Applied homework assignments

Real world problems that highlight applications of basic quantum phenomena

Essay questions

Conceptual questions designed to encourage student participation and provide feedback to the instructor about what the students are thinking.

Exam questions

Conceptual evaluation focuses on student understanding of the physics from the tutorials and is designed to complement traditional mathematical problems.


Downloadable software and links to other programs for use in an introductory quantum classroom

Other handouts

Other classroom resources appropriate for an introductory quantum classroom