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In Memoriam: Richard Prange, 1932-2008

Richard Prange
Dr. Richard E. Prange, a superb condensed matter theorist and great friend to many of us, died suddenly on Wednesday afternoon,Sept. 24, of an apparent heart attack.  This is a great loss to our community, where Dr. Prange spent virtually his whole professorial career; he joined the department in 1961.

On September 23--his 76th birthday--he attended the physics colloquium; afterward he and Sankar Das Sarma had a vigorous discussion about that day's topic, the physics of graphene.  Dick was his usual incisive self.

On Wednesday morning, Dick left Washington to drive to Philadelphia where his wife, Dr. Madeleine Joullié, is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania.  They maintained homes in both cities. En route, he stopped for an errand at a store in suburban Philadelphia.  While at the store, he collapsed, and efforts to revive him were not successful.

Dr. Prange loved the Department of Physics passionately, and was instrumental in its growth and strength during the past five decades. His cross-disciplinary intellectual breadth was a key to UMD physics becoming a top department in all areas of physics.  His generosity and unfailing support were inspiring.

The Department will have a memorial later this semester, to be announced in these pages; condolences may be sent to Dr. M.Joullié, Department of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 231 South 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA  19104-6323 or mjoullie@sas.upenn.edu

Plans are being formulated for a lasting tribute in Dick's memory, perhaps a fellowship or scholarship or some other means to support the department that he loved (and its students). Donations may be sent to the Physics Department, with checks made out to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and designated for the “Department of Physics/in memory of Dr. Richard Prange". For inquiries, please contact the chair's office, 301-405-5946 or phys-chair@umd.edu.

Professor Greenberg Spends Month of August in Helsinki

O.W. Greenberg, Professor, spent the month of August at the University of Helsinki working on confining interactions in quantum chromodynamics.

2008 Mali Symposium on Applied Science

James Gates, Professor, was a plenary speaker at the Mali Symposium on Applied Science 2008, Bamako, August 3-8. The conference was open to students and researchers in industry and in the academy and covered applied sciences in broad sense. During his stay Gates, who is on the Board of Directors of MaliWatch, had the opportunity to meet Prime Minister, Modibo Sidibe.


William Dorland, Professor, was an invited speaker at the 2008 NVIDA CUDA Conference. Dorland's program focused on his work in porting simulations of black hold dynamics, plasma turbulence and n-body dynamics to clusters of NVIDA GPUs using CUDA technology.





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