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Awards & Honors

Edward "Joe" Redish, Professor, has been nominated for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) UMD Chapter's Distinguished Membership in the Society. The honorary membership is a formal way to recognize and appreciate Dr. Redish's outstanding contributions to the classroom, campus and community.

Professor Ted Jacobson's proposal, "Growth of the Vacuum in Cosmology," was awarded funding from the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi).

Bill Dorland
, Associate Professor, was appointed Director of University Honors, beginning January 1, 2009. The University Honors Program is a living-learning program for students with exceptional academic talents.

Nick Hadley, Professor and Associate Chair of Physics, was elected as the new chair of the LHC Collaboration Board. This makes Dr. Hadley the highest elected physicists in USCMS. New regarding his recent appointment appeared in Fermilab Today. To view the article, visit:

Professor Sankar Das Sarma's article, entitled "Dielectric function, screening, and plasmons in two-dimensional graphene," was identified by Essential Science Indicators as the highest cited paper in its field.

Robotics@Maryland, the University of Maryland's Student Team, won the International Underwater Robotics Competition held in San Diego, CA. The team is made up of 75 students across campus including three physics majors.

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In the News

James Drake, Professor, was quoted in the July 24th issue of Nature. The article on NASA satellites can be viewed at: www.nature.com

Douglas Hamilton
, Professor, published an article in the July 03 issue of Nature. His paper reported that the intensities of low-energy ions, measured by Voyager 2, produce non-thermal partial ion pressures in the heliosheath that are comparable to (or exceed) both the thermal plasma pressures and the scalar magnetic field pressures. The article can be viewed at: www.nature.com

Daniel Lathrop
, Professor and Director, was interviewed by Black and White: Interviews Essays and Reports on his research regarding the Earth's magnetic field. He was also featured in the Diamondback on the same subject. The Interviews Essays and Reports article can be viewed at:
The Diamondback feature can be viewed at:

Robert Park
, Professor Emeritus, was quoted in CNN-Money on July 2nd. In the article, Dr. Park commented on BackLight Power's claim that they were able to convert water into a boundless source of cheap energy. The article can viewed at: money.cnn.com/index.html

Ellie Lockner
, Graduate Student, is highlighted on the recently-launched Department of Energy's Office of High Energy Physics web site. The Research Areas section of the site features a series of profiles about scientists in the field including Lockner, who is currently working on the CMS experiment at CERN. The profile can be viewed at:

Steve Rolston
, Professor and Associate Chair, wrote an article that appeared in the first issue of Physical Review's web publication. The article entitled "Ultracold Neutral Plasmas" can be viewed at: physics.aps.org/articles/v1/2

Yanhua Shih,
Alumnus, has been receiving a lot of good press regarding his initiation of ghost-imaging research. Dr. Shih is a former PhD student of Professor Carroll Alley. One article by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Public Affairs can be viewed at:


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