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Graduate Biophysics Program is Approved

The Chemical Physics Program at UMD is now offering Biophysics graduate academic and research instruction leading to a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. The Program is intended for students with undergraduate degrees in physics or chemistry as well as students with majors in mathematics or engineering with strong backgrounds in physics or chemistry. For more information, visit: http://www.chemicalphysics.umd.edu/

Physics Olympiad Training Camp Held at UMD

The US Physics Team, which participated in an intense study, testing and problem-solving training camp on campus, brought home five medals from the IPhO Competition. For more information, visit: http://www.aapt.org/olympiad2008/

Nanosteps: Self-organized nanostructures on crystal surfaces workshop

The Nanosteps: Self-organized Nanostructures on Crystal Surfaces Workshop, held in Cargese, Corsica featured talks from Professors Ted Einstein, Ray Phaneuf, John Weeks and Ellen Williams. The workshop focused on the role of steps and strain in epitaxial crystal growth, thin film dynamics and nano structures in semiconductors, and mathematical models and numerical methods for multi-scale problems. Frequently mentioned was the "Maryland Notation" for stepped surfaces where x points "down the staircase" y along the average step direction and z upward, here illustrated by members of the Maryland Surface Physics Group.

Maryland Faculty

LHC on YouTube

Researchers created a music video which explains CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). UMD has four professors involved in the effort: Drew Baden, Sarah Eno, Nick Hadley and Andris Skuja.

Bill Norwood Bikes 40 miles to High School Reunion

Bill Norwood, Physics Sci Tech, has completed training for a 40-mile bike ride from Greenbelt, MD to Mount Airy, MD. The mission was a personal goal Bill began training for in June. Accustomed to riding just one to eight miles at a time and often experiencing low energy, he is experimenting with greater prolonged exertion to see whether that will increase energy. The 40-mile bike ride will take place on September 19th, when he travels to his 50th High School Reunion.



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