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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 2006 - Issue 48
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSummer Supplement



Staff Awards

Robert Dahms was awarded the Chair's Award for recently taking on the position of departmental compliance officer. The position gave Bob additional duties that required him to attend training courses, act as a conduit for safety information and handle all safety aspects for the department. Nominees for this award included the following: Bernie Kozlowski, Bob Woodworth, Jane Hessing, Cheryl Ekstrom and Loretta Robinette.

The Sibylle Sampson Award was given to Aaron McQueen for his creativity, initiative and self-motivation in the creation of the G station (Graduation Station) program. Aaron was willing to take on this project that was clearly out of the scope of his position. The Sibylle Sampson is given to recognize someone who successful completes a task that benefits the department or specific unit there in. Nominees for this award included the following: Aaron McQueen, Dave Cogswell, Cleopatra White and Robert Dahms.

The following staff members celebrated their anniversaries:
Brian Barnaby (10 years)-Superconductivitystaff
George Butler (5 years) Receiving
Robert Dahms (10 years)- Procurement
Cheryl Ekstrom (5 years)- Business and Finance
Al Godinez (10 years)- Receiving
Dan Marguilies (5 years)- Lecture Demonstration
Allen Monroe (25 years) Instructional Laboratories
Bill Norwood (35 years)- Instructional Laboratories
Belta Pollard (20 years) Superconductivity
Pauline Rirksopa (15 years) Payroll
Francoise Santos (10 years)- Billing
Cleopatra White (10 years) Supercondutivity

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Physics Cookout

On May 31, 2006, the Department of Physics hosted a Physics Cookout for the facilities management staff. The facilities management and staff are an integral part of the department; this barbeque was held to thank them for all of their hard work this past year.

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