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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 2006 - Issue 48
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSummer Supplement


Dear Colleagues,

I would like to start off by thanking Jordan Goodman , for the outstanding leadership that he has provided this department for the past 7 years. He steps down from this position, leaving us with great successes and many memories. They are big shoes to fill, but I'd like to begin my term by informing you all of my goals to help maintain the outstanding reputation and momentum Jordan has created. My main priorities will focus on supporting our excellent faculty in their research endeavors, improving our educational experience for our undergraduate and graduate students and the Physical Sciences Complex (PSC).

The department is also currently working toward establishing a new Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) with NIST. This exciting new venture promises to cultivate research collaborations between our institutions. In addition to JQI, all of our research groups and centers are exploring a vast amount of physics topics and consistently produce outstanding results. During my term, I hope to maintain continued excellence in our research missions.

In a few weeks we will begin yet another academic year. I am fortunate to have an excellent administrative team to help me at the start of my term. Greg Sullivan and Doug Roberts will serve as the associate chairs for student services. Greg will be an outstanding Associate Chair of Graduate Education.  I am very grateful for his generosity in offering to step up and help with the graduate admissions process, especially given his ever increasing role in commissioning the Ice Cube experiment and getting ready for physics with the additional strings expected to be placed in the ice next winter.

In addition, Doug Roberts will serve as Associate Chair for the undergraduate program for another year, continuing the high level of excellence of the past 2 years.  Doug has accumulated a great deal of experience in this job, and this has served the department well and will continue to do so. In the next year, I hope to work with Doug to further improve the undergraduate experience for our students.

I have seen the Physical Science Complex evolve from an idea to a reality. With the help of Steve Rolston, I hope to move into the PSC by the end of my term. Steve has agreed to take over as Associate Chair for Facilities and Personnel.  This position is central to the department, and Steve will take over all of the usual duties of this position.  He will also play a role in the new PSC project from now until it is built.

None of this would be possible without the support of the department's outstanding staff. I consider them to be the lifeblood of the department, together, we will remain one of the top physics departments in the nation. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the summer and get ready for an exciting new academic year.





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