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xxxxxxxxxxxMarch 2006 - Issue 45

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Alumnus Ajoy Mallik ' 92 now manages all Venture Capital for TATA Consultancy Services. Read about his life after UMD in the Alumni Spotlight section.

Dr. Douglas Hamilton wrote this month's Research Spotlight about Voyager 1 entering the heliosheath.

This month's Colloquia speakers include: Jeremy Bernstein and Barton Zweibach. To find out more about their colloquiums and other up coming events, view the Up Next section.

In sad news, the Physics department has lost a beloved member of its family, Professor Manoj K. Banerjee. To read about his accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the department, University and physics view the In Memoriam section under Recent Events.

Graduate student, Willie Merrell wrote this month's Graduate Blog. Merrell recalls the similarities and differences with physics graduate students at other universities.

Robert Park, in an interview with the Dow Jones Newswire, refuted claims by a New Jersey medical doctor who claimed to have found a new source of energy that turns the laws of physics on its academic head. Read about other faculty that have appeared in the news in the News section.

The Corporate Scholars Program is offering a combined scholarship/internship opportunity. In addition to a great work experience, this is a chance to work closely with a mentor, enhance a student resume, learn about the different fields a degree can lead one to and really help in the professional development of our undergrads. If you or someone you know is interested visit for more information or to apply online. The deadline to apply is March 8, 2006.

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