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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMarch 2006 - Issue 45

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Ajoy Mallik: Manager of all Venture Capital for TATA Consultancy

In some cases what you major in, in college, doesn't necessarily determine your career outcome. Ajoy Mallik graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in Physics, in 1992 and later received his master's degree from the University of Miami in International Business and Information Systems. Now, he is responsible for all of Venture Capital and Corporate Development for TCS (TATA Consultancy Services). TCS is one of Asia's largest software service companies and India's $29 billion business conglomerate. While extremely successful, his position is not typically what one would predict from a Physics alumni.

Mallik left India at 18 and attended UMD because his father was a diplomat posted to the Embassy in Washington D.C. He describes his college experience as “OK,” and advices current students to take a different approach.

“My experience at UMD was a lot of work and difficult courses,” said Mallik. “I felt that I did not get to enjoy the social aspect of college life to the fullest. Do not underestimate the rigor and difficulties in most classes 3xx and above. Don't forget to balance life out and have healthy fun.”

After leaving UMD and graduating from the University of Miami, Mallik held various positions including an entrepreneurship in high-tech, a director of business development for 123 Sign Up, an online event registration and membership management service and a venture capitalist. He was also a member of the board of directors for Child Family Health International, a nonprofit dedicated to building health care services for undeserved communities worldwide. His current position does not require knowledge in Physics; however his background has been very helpful and useful in daily life, and he is still very pleased with his undergraduate decisions.

“At that time (1988), Physics was a top 10 department,” said Mallik." It has made my thought process analytical and logical. I break down real world problems into numbers and equations and try to solve them--- this does not always work, but it does save time from emotional chaos and stress."

If you are interested in contacting Ajoy Mallik, please send your messages to the Editor, who will be happy to forward your questions and comments.




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