January-February 2002 | Issue 24 | UM Physics

Research Spotlight: Dr. Yakovenko discusses his cutting edge research in the burgeoning field of econophysics, a field that uses applies methods and
techniques of statistical
physics to economic and financial problems .

MRSEC Hosts Science Fair for Homeschool Students

Area homeschool children in grades K-9 came to the
of Maryland for a science fair.

It Takes A Department to Recruit a Graduate Student
Dr. Goodman, Department Chair, talks about the importance of graduate student recruitment <<more>>
Up Next: Maryland Day!
Come join The University
of Maryland for a day of learning, exploration and fun for the entire community!
Physics Phun Phact

Who from UM Physics just returned from the South Pole?

Click here for the answer!


Alumni Spotlight:
Dr. Rajat S. Basu, 1977 alumnus, talks about his journey from UM Physics to Senior Principal Scientist for Honeywell International, where he works with the development of alternate fluids to replace the environmentally detrimental Cholorofluorocarbon (CFC) compounds used as refrigerants and cleaning solvents. <<more>>





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