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Dear Readers,

Every year, the month of May brings a different mood to college campuses. Students are relieved that they've attended their last class, finished their last exam and wrote their last research paper. We would like to continue with the celebration by releasing the Photon's Graduation Supplement.

Congratulations graduates!

Your years of hard work will finally pay off and whether you're starting your first job, entering graduate school or taking time off, life will never be the same. And that's OK, because despite how frightening the real world appears to be, you are all prepared to enter it!

Every semester we sadly say goodbye to many of our new alumni that we've seen grow and mature over the past years. During this exciting time, I would like to remind you of our loyalty to you and your continual connection to the department of physics family. We urge you to stay in contact with us so that we can be a valuable resource for professional connections and mentorship. Visit the alumni section of our web site and we'll try our best to keep you in touch as well.

I hope that you all enjoy our special Graduation Supplement of the Photon. We've gathered information, photos, a list of graduates, honors and awards from the spring 2006 commencement ceremony. Congratulations, again, to the Physics graduating class!




Click here to view the May 2006 issue of the Photon online.