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xxxxxxxxxxxGraduation Supplement


Undergraduate Degree: The bachelor's degree represents the completion of a four-year course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree awarded by American Institutions of higher learning.

Physical Sciences
Katherine Louise Kleespies
Rebecca Marie Kurtz
James Oliver Sharpe
Joshua Mikel Wustner

Jupiter Anthony Galagar Bagaipo
Barbary Ellen Brawn
Elisheva Bresler
Ronald Alexander Checkai
Aleksey Cherman
Christie Kayee Chew
Alexis Shana Monet Cornish
Michael Augustine Creaghan
Max Anton Cubillos-Moraga
Alexandra Elizabeth Curtin
Vassili Demergis
Timothy Ryan Dulaney
Robert Samuel Ephraim
William M. Fisher
Sarah Madalen Fixsen
Matthew S. Freeman
Bernie Jerome Gabin
Alexander William Hooke
Joshua Aaron Kaufman
William James Keay
Meem Mahmud
James Stanton McNamee III
Adam Edward O'Donovan
Issac Mordecai Pollack
Justin Lee RossAmanda Marie Schmidt
Gregory Butler Vieira
Brian G. Walker
Julia Cheek Young

Master's Degree
: The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon students who have successfully completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required.

Ingmar Broemstrup
Ryan M. Clary
Brad R. Conrad
Andrew Skinner
Brendan Wyker


Doctoral Degree
: The doctor's degree represents the most advanced earned degree conferred by American Institutions. There are two distinct types: the practioner's degree and the research degree.

Yung-Fu Chen
Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Transistors: Electron and Spin Transport Properties

Masashi Degawa
Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Properties of Finite-Volume crystallites

Paul W. Gresser
A Study of Social Interaction and Teamwork in Reformed Physics Laboratories

Tanja Horn
The Pion Charge Form Factor through Pion Electoproduction

Xuefeng Hua
Mechanics Studies of Plasma-Surface Interactions during Nanoscale Patterning

Derek D. Hullinger
Early Afterglow Evolution of X-Ray Flashes Observed by Swift

Ahmad S. Idilbi
QCD Resummation of Soft Gluons in Effective Field Theory

Soun P. Kwon
Design of a Large Bandwidth Scanning Squid Microscope Using a Cryocooled Hysteretic

Jianglai Liu
A Measurement of the Strange Quark Contributions to the Electromagnetic Form Factors
of the Nucleon