How to download MaryLie

  1. Contact Prof. Alex Dragt for copyright information and permission to download MaryLie at or 301-405-6053.
  2. Contact Dr. Philip Johnson for a temporary password or to report download problems at or 301-405-6057.
  3. Log in to with the user name dsatftp and the password assigned by Phil Johnson.
  4. Files:
    1. For code, download all files in the code directory, namely:
      • README
      • examples.tar.gz
      • marylie.tar.gz
      • prep.tar.gz
    2. For the manual, download marylie.dvi from the manual directory. The other files in manual are available for modifying specific parts of the manual.
  5. Please note that passwords are only valid for 3 days.If your password expires or you have other downloading difficulties, contact Dr. Johnson.

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Last modified 5 December 2000 by
P.R. Johnson