Spring 2011




 The Aurora Borealis Shines above Bear Lake.

Find out how magnetic fields play a role in this spectacle of nature!


Welcome to Physics 161

This is the first part of a three semester calculus-based Physics course being offered at the University of Maryland College Park, covering laws of motion, force, and energy; principles of mechanics, collisions, linear momentum, rotation, and gravitation.


Giridhar Nandikotkur (giridhar@umd.edu)

Teaching Assistants:

Sections 0101 & 0103 Matthew Harrington (mjharrin@umd.edu)

Sections 0102 & 0106 Jeffrey Grover (jgrover@umd.edu)

Sections 0104 & 0105 Srimoyee Sen(srimoyee@umd.edu)