Spring 2010







There will be 3 mid term exams and a final. Best 2 exams (19 % each) out of the 3 mid terms will count towards your final grade. No makeup exams will be given. You can miss 1 mid term at the most. If you do well in the first two exams, you still have to take the 3rd exam to be able to drop it. The idea is to make sure you know the material for the final. There is a chance (very little) that any of the exams might be postponed by a lecture or two based on how things proceed in the class. No note cards are allowed according to what was discussed in the first lecture. There are many reasons you might miss an exam. Some of them include: you were not keeping good health, you missed the bus, you could not find someone to take care of your pet, your car broke down, you overslept, you have a valid medical excuse, your job required you to go out of town. The exam you miss will count as your dropped exam. If you miss another midterm, then you will lose 19 % credit.


# Date Day Time Chapters


1 Feb 24 Thursday Lecture    
2 March 29 Tuesday Lecture    
3 April 28 Thursday Lecture