The weekly homework assignment is in Webassign. Please note that WebAssign has some quirky rule for what can be entered where. If it is not accepting your answer check out: Answers that cannot be understood. Please follow the instructions for the problems that are given in the WebAssign environment. The links below are to public forms of the problem and may not include specialize WebAssign instructions.

You will be asked to do 3-5 challenging problems including estimations, explanations, essay questions, worked out problems, and even some challenging multiple choice questions. You are encouraged to work on these with friends. The course center is good space to work together and get feedback from a TA or Professor. CLICK FOR THE COURSE CENTER SCHEDULE. You have to write up your solutions independently. Be careful: If two or more submitted answers are essentially identical, neither will receive credit. In the "show your work" box in webassign, we ask you to explain your solutions. Solutions are to be written up nicely -- like a report. They can be expected to include equations, calculation, drawings, and graphs. The quality of the presentation will be considered in the score as well as the quality of the solution. Note that you can upload pdf or other documents. You may include clear handwritten information that is scanned in via scanners (available in the library) or smartphones. Homework is due by Friday 5pm for both sections of the class.

Due date
Online HW
(due at 5 PM)
HW 01

1. How big is a protein molecule? (4 pts)

2. Picking up the books (4 pts)

3. Counting cubes (4 pts)

4. Sensing molecular signals (10 pts)

HW 02

1. Tortoise and Hare (6 pts)

2. Testing the Motion Detector (4 pts)

3. Atorvastatin Calcium (4 pts)

4. The stooping hawk (8 pts)

5. Moving a Vesicle (6 pts)

HW 03

1. Moving through a Cell (Image J) (10 pts)

2. Forces in a car (6 pts)

3. The sliding pizza (6 pts)

4. Pushing a box (6 pts)

HW 04
NOTE: For problems 1 and 2, submit answers a single upload file under "show your work" - no need to fill in the essay box.

1. The flying squirrel and the water fleal (8 pts)

2. Force on a Woodpecker (4 pts)

3. Free fall acceleration (5 pts)

4-6 three multiple choice/numerical answer problems where no written explanation is submitted (7 pts total).
HW 05

1. Water-coat forces (10 pts)

2. Forces between charges (4 pts)

3. With a grain of salt (6 pts)

4. Estimating charge (6 pts)

HW 06

1. Electric field hockey (6 pts)

2. Analyzing dipoles (7 pts)

3. Carts and graphs (5 pts)

4. Molecular collisions (3 pts)

5. Comparing electric forces (4 pts)

Note the HW for Redish students is labeled HW 06a and for Losert students is labeled HW 06b.

HW 07

1. The content in Coulomb's law (8 pts) - fill in text box

2. Diffusion in time and space (5 pts) - numerical answer

3. Diffusion and viscosity (4 pts) - Show your work

4. Estimating with air (4 pts) - Show your work

5. Kinetic Theory and Pressure (5 pts) - Multiple Choice

HW 08

1. Mr. Halley's Bell (6 pts) - numerical answer

2. Walking on Water (7 pts) - Show your work

3. Blood flow and pressure (6 pts) - Show your work

4. Effects of Tobacco (4 pts) - Show your works

HW 09

1. What if the Greenland icesheet melts? (6 pts) - Show your work

2. Floating blocks (3 pts) - Multiple Choice

3. Fan carts P&E (4 pts) - Multiple Choice

4. Work-energy, impulse-momentum, and N2 (8 pts) - Show your work

HW 10

1. What's conserved? (13 pts) - Show your work

2. Bound states (5 pts) - Multiple Choice

3. Going to a deeper well (7 pts) - Show your work

4. Launching a block up a ramp (5 pts) -Multiple Choice

HW 11

1. The Gauss gun (6 pts) - Show your work

2. Electrostatic PE (6 pts) - Multiple Choice

3. Thermal to chemical energy transfer (6 pts) - Show your work

4. Skateboarder graphs (9 pts) - Multiple choice

5. The penny and the jelly donut (2 pts) - Show your work

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