Spring 2009




 The Aurora Borealis Shines above Bear Lake.

Find out how magnetic fields play a role in this spectacle of nature!


Welcome to Physics 122

This is the second part of a two semester Physics course being offered at the University of Maryland College Park, covering electricity, magnetism, waves and optics. Together with Physics 121, this generally satisfies the minimum requirement of medical and dental schools. However, this is not a calculus-based course.


Giridhar Nandikotkur (giridhar@umd.edu)

Teaching Assistants:

Section 0502 - YongSing You (asliman@gmail.com)

Section 0503- Silvia Zhu (sjzhu@umd.edu)

Section 0504 & SES1 - Tung-Chang Liu (tcliu@umd.edu)