Spring 2009







There will be 6 quizzes and the best 4 out of them will be counted. Two of the quizzes will take place the weeks when there are no labs (somewhere towards the end). The other quizzes may or may not be announced. Ideally I would like to announce them and have it at the end of the Tuesday Lecture. But if the attendance in the Thursday lecture drops, not only do you lose participation points of missing the lecture, but also the quiz. These conditions sound juvenile and irritating. These are not meant to disrespect you or doubt your committment. But please try to understand the philosophy. An evening lecture after the whole day and possibly a lab and a discussion before, are very tiring. My sympathies are with you. But missing a lecture is not a solution. It puts you behind further. I want to take all steps to ensure that you sail through this course with hard work, but smoothly. No make up quizzes will be given. No breaks will be given during lectures when there are quizzes.


# Date Day Time Homeworks covered


1 Feb 26 Tuesday 8.35 pm- 8.50 pm 1 - 3 quiz1
2 Mar 03 Tuesday 8.35 pm- 8.50 pm 5 - 6 quiz2
3         quiz3
4 April 28 Tuesday 8.35 pm-8.50 pm   quiz5
6         quiz6