Physics 132

Physics for Biologists II
(Spring 2020) 020x Redish

This is not your parents' physics! This class will focus on the physics relevant to the study of living things from molecules to neurons to microscopes. While physics, chemistry, and biology are well established fields, some of the scientific questions you will explore in this class have only recently been tackled. You will focus on physics at the convergence with biology, where physical, chemical, and biological principles all come into play. Primary themes for this second semester is thermodynamics and random motion, oscillations and waves, and models of light.

What do I have to do to succeed in this class?

This class is not about learning to know physics but learning to do physics.

This means that we will be doing a lot of active learning in the class and using a lot of "formative assessment". You'll lots of small challenging tasks where you may are expected to make mistakes, figure out why, and correct your thinking as a result.

This class has a lot of moving parts. Be sure to follow all the links below so you know what's going on.

If you are having trouble, COME SEE ME. I want all of you to succeed. This is NOT a weedout class. Though some of you will get B's and C's, My distribution is typically 1/4 A's, 1/2 B's, and 1/4 C's. I do NOT want to give out any D's or F's so if you think you're in trouble, come to my office hours or set up an appointment. (Office hours are in the Course Center: Physics 0208.)

Critical for keeping track of what's happening are the links to

Each of the blue titles below is a link to the details of how the class works.

What do I need for this class?

What do I need to do for (and before) each lecture?

What else do I need to do each week?

How do tests work in this class?

How is my grade determined?

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