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This group holds weekly research meetings at the LPS, and is lucky to have world-class collaborators.


Experimental solid state and quantum computing research is also conducted in the groups of Bruce Kane, Ben Palmer, Chris Richardson, and Bob Butera. A broader range of theoretical physics research is conducted in the groups of Frank Gaitan, Ari Mizel, and Charles Tahan.


The laboratory hosts “the LPS seminar” in “colloquim style” on Wednesdays, often covering topics on quantum information science, quantum materials and condensed matter physics. Several other seminars also occur throughout the year, attended by LPS researchers and those from on-campus.


There are many other fine research groups that similarly work in condensed-matter experiments at UMCP. Many are also interested in quantum information science and quantum materials.


The center for nanophysics and advanced materials (CNAM) organizes a seminar (838) for graduate students and postdocs. The physics department also hosts condensed matter physics seminars and a colloquia.

University of Maryland at College Park

The JQI, a multi-institute organization, holds a weekly seminar on quantum information topics in AMO and condensed matter systems.

Joint Quantum Institute

Dr. Kevin D. Osborn

Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland

8050 Greenmead Dr.

College Park, MD  20740

osborn -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Superconducting circuits with quantum defects for quantum information science, quantized flux for high-performance computing