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Theodore L. ("Ted") Einstein

Professor of Physics

Member of Condensed Matter Theory Center, Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials (CNAM), and Maryland NanoCenter

Physics representative to Chemical Physics Program

Executive Comm. & Various Other Roles in   UMD MRSEC (1996-2013)   z"l

Chair (1996-2016) of Now-Terminated Physical Sciences Program


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Postal address:

Department of Physics
4150 Campus Dr.

University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4111 (USA)

Research group: Condensed Matter Theory
Office: John S. Toll Physics Building, Rm. 2310
Phone: 301-405-6147
Fax: 301-314-9465

E-mail: einstein at umd.edu
Web page: http://www.physics.umd.edu/~einstein/

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0001-6031-4923

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Research Interests:

Seminar Series

Joint Quantum Institute Seminar, Mondays, 11:00 pm, CSS 2400

Informal Statistical Mechanics Seminar, Tuesdays, 1:15pm, IPST Rm. 1116

CNAM Colloquium (Condensed Matter Seminar), Thursdays, 2pm, Toll Physics Bldg. Rm. 1201

CMTC Seminar, Toll Physics Bldg. Rm. 2205, usually at 11:00am

Physics Colloquium, Tuesdays, 4pm, PSC Lobby


Honors 228K: Great Ideas in Physics and Their Implications in Other Disciplines (Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011)

Physics 104: How Things Work (Spring 2003Spring 2004, Spring 2005)

Physics 106: Light, Perception, Photography, and Visual Phenomena (Spring 1998)

Physics 115: Inquiry into Physics [for future elementary & middle school teachers] (Fall 2015)

Physics 165: Introduction to Programming in the Physical Sciences (Fall 2003)

Physics 174: Physics Laboratory Introduction (Fall 2017)

Physics 260: Introductory Physics for Engineers, 2nd semester (Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017 [syllabus, tentative schedule)

Physics 263: Introductory Physics for Engineers, 3rd semester (Fall 1997)

Physics 404: Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics (Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

Physics 603: Methods of Statistical Mechanics (Spring 2012, Spring 2013)

Physics 704: Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Spring 2006, Spring 2011)

Physics 731: Solid State Physics: Survey (Fall 2001, Fall 2002, Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007)

Physics 732: Introduction to Solid State Physics II (Fall 2010)

Math Research Interaction Team (RIT): Kinetics and fluctuations of complex crystal surfaces (Fall 2007)

Math RIT (Research Interaction Team) on Current Challenges in Materials Science: Aspects of Interface Motion (Fall 2009)--co-organized with Dionisios Margetis

Math RIT (Research Interaction Team) on Current Challenges in Materials Science: Non-equilibrium Interface and Surface Dynamics (Fall 2010)--co-organized with Dionisios Margetis

Math RIT (Research Interaction Team) on Non-equilibrium Interface and Surface Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, Numerics, and Experiment (Fall 2011)--co-organized with Dionisios Margetis

"15 minutes of fame": Washingtonian article (down indefinitely)

At right, "Janice Reutt-Robey and Ted Einstein of the University of Maryland, and (right) Kristen Fichthorn of Penn State were just 3 of the approximately 130 physicists who gathered at APS headquarters on December 4 and 5 to sort more than 7500 abstracts for the 2010 March Meeting, which takes place March 15-19 in Portland, Oregon." From APS News, Jan. 2010, photo by Michael Lucibella.

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