Some Recent Talks

Application of the Wigner Distribution to Non-equilibrium Problems at Surfaces: Relaxation, Growth, and Scaling of Capture Zone, [abstract with link to slides at the bottom of that page] nid07, U. of Maryland, April 26, 2007

Steps on Crystalline Surfaces: From Elementary Models to Universal Fluctuation Phenomena, Colloquium at U. of New Hampshire, April 30, 2007

NanoSteps: Self-organized nanostructures on crystal surfaces, Cargèse Summer School, Corsica, France, June 30-July 12, 2008:

1) Interactions Between Steps: Entropic, Elastic, and Electronic (pedagogical review)

2) Fluctuations of Steps in Equilibrium (pedagogical review)

3) Applications of the Generalized Wigner Distribution to Nanostructures on Surfaces: Universal Fluctuation Phenomena