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Activity-Based Physics is a multi-university project to sustain and enhance current efforts to render introductory physics courses more effective and exciting at both the secondary and college level. This program represents a multi-university collaborative effort by a team of educational reformers to use the outcomes of physics education research along with flexible computer tools to promote activity-based models of physics instruction. This multifaceted program includes the refinement of existing written materials, apparatus, instructional techniques, and computer software and hardware; the creation of new instructional materials and approaches; and dissemination. The refinement and development of new instructional strategies and materials will be informed by a comprehensive program of classroom testing and educational research. 

The set of pages on this server represents the portion of the project managed and coordinated by the University of Maryland. The project's main home page is at Dickinson College. Click here to access it.

Overview of the Activity-Based Physics Project

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The Activity Based Physics Project is supported by NSF Grant DUE-9455561.

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