John W. Layman

Professor of Physics and Science Education

Ed.D., Oklahoma State University, 1970

Prof. Layman's primary activities relate to the teaching of physics; he holds a joint appointment with the College of Education's Science Teaching Center in their Department of Curriculum and Instruction. His present research areas revolve around the use of the microcomputer as a laboratory instrument. He and three colleagues have a NSF state-wide collaborative grant to design programs for the preparation of elementary- and middle-school teachers as specialists in science and mathematics. He is also collaborating with colleagues within the physics community on an American Institute of Physics (AIP)/AAPT NSF grant to prepare modules to be used in introductory courses for elementary-school teachers and to be offered within physics departments.

Within the Physics Department, Prof. Layman shares responsibility for preparing graduate students for roles as teaching assistants and contributes to other aspects of the teaching program. He is a former President of the AAPT, and is presently serving as Secretary of the AAPT.

Selected Publications

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