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Abazajian, Kev, Assistant Professor
Agashe, Kaustubh, Assistant Professor
Alley, Carroll O., Jr., Professor
Anderson, J. Robert, Professor
Anlage, Steven, Professor
Antonsen, Thomas M., Professor

Appelbaum, Ian, Associate Professor

Baden, Andrew R., Professor; & Chair
Bedaque, Paulo, Associate Professor
Beise, Elizabeth J., Professor
Berg, Richard E., Professor
Bhagat, Satindar M., Professor
Boyd, Derek A., Professor
Brill, Dieter R., Professor
Buonanno, Alessandra, Associate Professor

Chacko, Zackaria, Assistant Professor
Chang, Chia-Cheh (George), Professor Emeritus & Sr. Res. Scientist

Chang, Chung-Yun, Professor Emeritus & Sr. Res. Scientist
Chant, Nicholas S., Professor Emeritus
Chen, Hsing-Hen, Professor
Clark, Charles W., Adjunct Professor
Cohen, Thomas D., Professor
Currie, Douglas, Professor Emeritus
Cumings, John, Affiliate Professor; Assistant Professor Materials Science & Engineering

Das Sarma, Sankar, Distinguished University Professor & Director of Condensed Matter Theory Center
Dorfman, J. Robert, Emeritus Professor & Sr. Research Scientist
Dorland, William, Associate Professor
Dragt, Alex J., Professor Emeritus & Sr. Res. Scientist
Drake, James F., Professor
Drew, H. Dennis, Professor

Einstein, Theodore L., Professor; and Director, Physical Sciences Program

Ellis, Richard F., Professor
Eno, Sarah C., Professor

Fisher, Michael E., Distinguished University Professor
Fuhrer, Michael S., Associate Professor

Galitski, Victor, Assistant Professor
Gates, S. James, The John S. Toll Professor of Physics & Director
Girvan, Michelle, Assistant Professor
Glick, Arnold J., Emeritus Professor
Gloeckler, George, Emeritus Distinguished University Professor
Gluckstern, Robert L., Professor Emeritus
Goldenbaum, George C., Professor Emeritus
Goodman, Jordan A., Professor
Greenberg, O. W., Professor
Greene, Richard L., Professor and Director
Griem, Hans, Professor Emeritus
Griffin, James J., Professor

Hadley, Nicholas J., Professor & Assoc Chair for Undergrad Ed
Hall, Carter, Assistant Professor
Hamilton, Douglas C., Professor
Hammer, David, Professor
Hassam, Adil B., Professor
Hill III, Wendell T., Affiliate Professor-Physics; Professor-IPST
Hoffman, Kara, Assistant Professor
Hu, Bei-Lok, Professor

Jacobson, Theodore A., Professor
Jawahery, Abolhassan, Gus T. Zorn Professor
Ji, Xiangdong, Professor
Julienne, Paul, Adjunct Professor

Kacser, Claude, Emeritus Associate Professor
Kim, Ki-Yong, Assistant Professor
Kim, Young Suh, Professor Emeritus
Kirkpatrick, Theodore R., Professor
Korenman,Victor, Emeritus Professor

Langenberg, Donald N., Professor & Chancellor Emeritus
LaPorta, Arthur, Assistant Professor
Lathrop, Daniel P., Professor & Director
Layman, John, Emeritus Professor
Lett, Paul, Adjunct Professor
Liu, Chuan Sheng, Professor
Lobb, Christopher J., Professor & Assoc. Director
Losert, Wolfgang, Associate Professor

Mason, Glenn M., Emeritus Professor & Sr. Research Scientist
Mather, John C., Adjunct Professor
Migdall, Alan, Adjunct Professor
Milchberg, Howard, Professor-Physics, IPST & ECE
Misner, Charles W., Emeritus Professor
Mohapatra, Rabindra N., Professor
Monroe, Christopher, Professor

Oehrlein, Gottlieb, Affiliate Professor-Physics; Prof, Mat & Nuc Engr
Orozco, Luis, Professor
O'Shea, Patrick, Affiliate Professor-Physics: Prof, Elec & Comp Engr
Ott, Edward, Distinguished University Professor
Ouyang, Min, Assistant Professor

Paglione, Johnpierre, Assistant Professor
Paik, Ho Jung, Professor
Papadopoulos, Dennis, Professor
Park, Robert L., Professor
Pati, Jogesh C., Emeritus Professor & Sr. Research Scientist
Phaneuf, Raymond, Affiliate Prof-Physics; Asst Prof-Mat & Nuc Engr;
Phillips, William D., Professor
Porto, Trey, Adjunct Associate Professor

Redish, Edward F., Professor
Richard, Jean-Paul, Professor Emeritus
Ritz, Steven, Adjunct Professor
Roberts, Douglas A., Associate Professor
Rolston, Steve, Professor & Associate Chair of Facilities & Personnel
Roos, Philip G., Emeritus Professor & Sr. Research Scientist
Roy, Rajarshi., Professor & Director

Sagdeev, Roald Z., Distinguished University Professor
Schwab, Keith, Adjunct Associate Professor
Seo, Eun-Suk, Associate Professor
Shawhan, Peter, Assistant Professor
Skuja, Andris, Professor
Solomon, Glenn, Adjunct Professor
Spielman, Ian, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sreenivasan, Ketapalli, Distinguished University Professor
Sucher, Joseph, Emeritus Professor
Sullivan, Gregory W., Professor & Associate Chair of Graduate Education

Takeuchi, Ichiro, Affiliate Professor
Tiesinga, Eite, Adjunct Associate Professor
Tiglio, Manuel, Assistant Professor
Toll, John S., Professor

Upadhyaya, Arpita, Assistant Professor

Venkatesan, T. Venky, Research Professor

Wallace, Stephen J., Professor
Weeks, John D., Affiliate Professor-Physics; Dist Univ Prof-IPST;
Wellstood, Frederick C., Professor
Williams, Carl J., Adjunct Professor

Williams, Ellen D., Distinguished University Professor & Director
Woo, ChingHung, Emeritus Professor

Yakovenko, Victor M., Professor

Yorke, James A., Distinguished University Professor

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