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Physics Open Mic Night

The Physics Department held an acoustic open mic night on April 15, 2009. Organizers, including Tom Gleason, Erik Crowe, Lorraine DeSalvo, Luci Jones and Charles Hawkins, transformed the John S. Toll room into a coffee house for faculty, staff and students. The following is a list of performers:

Tom Gleason
Erik Crowe
Dylan Bargteil
Tom Langford
Matt Severson
Daniel Jaskot
Steven Jones
Mike Richman
Bill McConville

To view pictures from the event, click here.

CMPS Spring Academic Festival

The 21st Annual Spring Academic Festival was held on April 24, 2009, in the Rotunda of the Mathematics Building. Several members of the Physics Department were recognized for their exceptional service to the College and University. The following is a list of honorees:

Physics Distinguished Post Doctoral Award -
William "Joey" Thompson, Circadiant Systems, Incorporated Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

2009 Dean's Outstanding Non-Exempt Employee Award -
Clay Daetwyler, Physics Science Tech

2009 Dean's Outstanding Exempt Employee Award -
Donna Hammer, MRSEC Associate Director

Outstanding Non-Exempt & Exempt Nominees -
Paulina Alejandro, Program Management Specialist
Robert Bard, Electrical Engineer
Douglas Bensen, Coordinator
Melissa Britton, Program Management Specialist
Lorraine DeSalvo, Director
Jane Hessing, Academic Program Specialist
Margaret Lukomska, Research Coordinator
Pornshuda Rirksopa, Manager

To view pictures from the event, click here.

Student - Faculty Dinner

The Physics Department, Students of Physical Sciences and Sigma Pi Sigma organized the frist Student -Faculty Dinner held in the Juan Jiminez Room in the Stamp Student Union on April 24, 2009. The dinner provided faculty and students to interact outside of the classroom.

To view pictures from the event, click here.

2009 MD Day

Largely due to the hard work of over 125 physics volunteers, Maryland Day 2009, held on April 25, was a huge success! Physics was one of the main attractions on campus. Faculty, staff, students and friends came together to help accommodate the huge number of visitors we had on campus - especially to the Physics Department. The following is list of 2009 Volunteers (apologies to anyone who was left off):

Aabo, Thomas
Adams, Matthew
Alejandro, Paulina
Amare, Yonas
Anderson, Bob
Baden, Drew
Barr, Matthew
Beeler, Matthew
Bensen, Doug
Berg, Richard
Bobrowsky, Matt
Britton, Melissa
Burrola, Beatriz
Callis, Julie
Cassidy, Meghan
Cho, Suehyun
Cohen, Tom
Conners, Mark
Cooper, Ben
Crowe, Erik
Cuaresma, Carole
Daetwyler, Clay
De, Subhadeep
DeSalvo, Lorraine
Dev, Bhupal
Driscoll, Erin
Edwards, Emily
Gabilondo, Beatriz
Gaff, Kristy
Gleason, Tom
Goodman, Jordan
Graves, Matthew
Halperin, Molly
Hamilton, Doug
Hammer, David
Hammer, Donna
Hammer, Erin
Hammer, Lauren
Hammer, Nick
Han, Jahye
Haque, Azharul
Harbitz, Caroline
Harold, Creston
Hessing, Jane
Hussain, Amnav
Islam Rajibul
Johnson, Jenn
Johnson, Luke
Kanner, Jonah
Kim, KiChun
Knouse, Melanie
La, Ahn
Lasley, Scott
Lathrop, Dan
Lathrop, Emily
Lathrop, John
Lathrop, Paul
Lee, MooHyun
Lee, SangEun
Lenski, Dan
Li, Qiuzi
Liu, Tung-Chang
Lobb, Chris
Losert, Wolfgang
Lukomska, Margaret
Lukomska, Roxy
Manning, Andrew
McCann, Colin
McMullen, Thomas
Monroe, Lexi
Moulding, Laura
Nagornykh, Pavel
O’Toole, Dorthea
Olmschenk, Steve
Porto, Trey
Prasertchoung, Alex
Rericha, Erin
Riddick, Blake
Rolston, Steve
Russell, Brock
Ryu, SangSu
Seal-Filatreau, Bonnie
Seo, Eun-Suk
Slotterback, Steven
Smith, Brian
Suplee, Curt
Teitelbaum, Samuel
Tosado, Jacob
Vartanyan, Aram
Wellstood, Fred
Yen, Yung-Ruey
Yoon, YoungSoo
Zimmerman, Dan

To view pictures from the event, click here.

Physics Olympics

The Department held the 2009 Physics Olympics. For those of you who were here, you know it was an amazing event featuring 13 teams of students from 12 different schools in the area. I want to thank the following people whose presence not only made the Physics Olympics a huge success, but also significantly furthered the education of the >100 students who took part in this event. In alphabetical order: Dick Berg, Krishna Bhamidipati, Lorraine DeSalvo, Clay Daetwyler, Ted Einstein, Tom Giza, Brittany Hill, John Jacobson, Luci Jones, Saara Khan and Peter Shawhan. (If I omitted someone who should be included here, please let me know.) Photos and results from the event are now on the Physics Olympics Web site in two places.

The scores and photos of the winning teams are at:


Photos of the students engaged in the various activities are located at:







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