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Research Spotlight

Entanglement of Atoms  

Depiction of the entanglement of two atoms (yellow balls), in an oil painting by Prof. Boris Blinov (U. Washington). In this month's Research Spotlight, Professor Christopher Monroe covers this topic in his article entitled, " 'Spooky action-at-a-distance' with Individual Atoms."


Alumni Spotlight

Quinn, Bhattacharjee, P. Fulde, and A. Luther  

Pictured, from left, are John Quinn, Jay Bhattacharjee, Peter Fulde and Alan Luther. The four are former students of the late Dr. Richard Ferrell and among the most distinguished Ph.D recipients of the Department of Physics. They gathered in November 2007, to attend a symposium in Memory of Richard Ferrell. Visit the Alumni Spotlight to find out where they are now.









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