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Awards & Honors

Ho Jung Paik, Professor, was the 2008-2009 recipeint of the GRB Semester Award. The GRB will allow time to devote to a project.

Robert Hwang, Physics Alumnus, was selected to serve as the Director for the Center for Intergrated Nanotechnologies (CINT). CINT is a Department of Energy/Office of Science Nanoscale Science Research Center (NSRC) operating as a national user facility devoted to extablishing the scientific principles that govern the design, performance and integration of nanoscale materials.

The Physics Education Research Group received new funding from the National Science Foundation to recruit top notch science graduate students into education research. To apply, please visit:

The following Physics students were winners at the 2007 Spotlight on Graduate Research Competition:

Benjamin Kevin Cooper
Matthew Cornick
Matthew Paoletti

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In the News

Robert Anderson, Professor, and Dan Margulies, Phys Sci Tech III, filmed a segment on DC's Channel 9 News, regarding energy efficient lighting.

Nick Hadley, Professor and Associate Chair, was mentioned in the December 06, 2007 Fermilab Today website, for his contributions to DZero. The article can be viewed at:

Charles Misner, Professor, was interviewed by the Guardian Newspaper on November 26 about newly found tapes that record a conversation between Charles Misner and Hugh Everett discussing the physics to prove the existence of parallel universes.

William Phillips, Professor, and Changhyun Ryu, Research Associate, were mentioned on brightsurf.com, on November 28 in an article about an experiment at the Joint Quantum Institute here on campus. The story was also picked up by the EE Times on November 29.


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