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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxApril 2006 - Issue 46


Dear Readers,

I tend to take recreational activities for granted. Riding my bicycle, watching television and riding roller coasters is enjoyable, but I've pretty much categorized them as mindless…until now. Leave it to our professors and alumni to give me different views on these popular pastimes.

Early in March, Dr. Richard Berg held his regular Physics is Phun event, in which he demonstrated physics using wheels, spinning table tops, swivel chairs and tire swings. In this issues' Recent Events section, we've included information and photographs of this entertaining weekend.

Dan and Beth Dakin were the subjects of this month's Alumni Spotlight, in which they explain why they chose a field in Physics. Beth gives credit to her joy of building things, while Dan became a physicist due to his interest in Star Trek, the popular sci-fi television show.

I guess no activity should be written off as mindless. For it's those activities that end up being used as demonstrations to explain physics or that eventually lead us into figuring out future careers. I'll be sure to remember that the next time I'm upside down, screaming, on a roller coaster!





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