Cleaning of optical components

Procedures for the HTR LC Stratos receivers (Thanks to "Patel, Dipak" <> ).
From HTR Rev4.1 we should install the 8-way fiber assemblies on a clean bench (it's a sort of smaller scale clean room).
Procedures from Fiber Connections.
Dry cassette cleaner. This is handy and fine for dust, not for serious dirt (oil, fat from fingers, etc).

All the industry people that we met, stressed the importance of cleaning procedures.
Some succesfull cleanings:

1) With a stick cleaner, wet with alcohol, clean the MTP on HTR front-panel, blow dry with filterd canned air.

2) High BER -> Clean a Stratos receiver with a stick cleaner, wet with alcohol gives no result, put optical grease, nothing work, remove it as in 1) gets perfect.

3) On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Richard Kellogg wrote:

> Ciao Tullio,
> Yes,  the problem we were having with RM1 & 2 losing LED signals was
> due to the QPLL losing lock.  We first found that a new CCM eliminated
> the problem.  Arjan then restored the original CCM and found that the
> QPLL lock count increased.  He then blew dirt out of the TTC fiber
> connection at the CCM.  The QPLL lock count stopped increasing, and the
> LED signal became stable.

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