Nearby Groups
  • GRE UM Gravitation  Experiment  Group
  • AST UM Dept. of Astronomy 
  • NASA LHEA Gravitational Wave & Theory Group.
  • EPT UM particle theory group.

  • Web Sites of (Relativistic) Interest
  • ADS, The NASA Astrophysics Abstract Service, which covers articles in astronomy, astrophysics, space instrumentation, and physics, from 1975 to the present. The astrophysics database is 95% complete, and it includes quantum gravity. The physics database is new and is still under construction.
  • dg-ga Differential Geometry preprint database (Los Alamos).
  • gr-qc General Relativity and Quantum Coslomogy preprint database (Los Alamos).
  • hep-th High Energy Physics - Theory preprint archives (Los Alamos).
  • mp_arc Mathematical Physics preprint archives (University of Texas).
  • quant-ph Quantum physics preprint archives (Los Alamos).
  • SLAC-hep High Energy Physics preprint database (Stanford).

  • Online Journals
  • CQG Classical and Quantum Gravity. Need a institution Key to gain access.
  • GRG General Relativity and Gravitation.
  • LRL Living Reviews in Relativity.
  • PRD Physical Review D Online Journal. Needs subscribtion to PRD to get full access.

  • Links to gravitation departments at other universities
  • Cardiff Relativity Group (University of Wales College of Cardiff).
  • Hyperspace at QMW (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London).
  • Hyperspace at UBC (University of British Columbia).
  • LSU Relativity group at Louisiana State University
  • IFT U. of Florida (Gainsville) GR group. Institute for Fundamental Theory.
  • LIGO (Caltech / MIT).
  • MacCallum's Relativity List.
  • NCSA (Numerical) Relativity Group. This is a searchable database.
  • NCSA list of GR services. ("Relativity around the World")
  • Newcastle Relativity & Quantum Fields Group.
  • Penn State Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry.
  • Pittsburgh Relativity Group.
  • Potsdam Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik.
  • SIGRAV Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation.
  • SISSA/ISAS Astrophysics Group (International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy)
  • Syracuse Relativity Group.
  • Texas Center for Relativity.
  • Tufts Institute of Cosmology.

  • Other links
  • Albert Einstein Online. This has links to Einstein archives and lots of Einstein stuff on the Web.
  • Relativity Bookmarks. A useful list of sites related to General Relativity. Provided by the Syracuse Relativity Group.
  • APS Topical Interest Group on Gravitation.
  • Matters of Gravity newsletter of the American Physical Society Topical interest group in Gravitation.
  • Ask a Physicist at the University of Illinois.

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