(Includes also other seminars of interest to the gravity group.)
The Seminars are supposed to take place every Friday at 1:30pm in Room 4208
(if not otherwise stated below).
For information about GRT group seminars contact Stefano Liberati (301-405-6032).
For information about scheduled seminars in the UMD Physics Department look at the
Department Seminar Pages. To see a list of last Spring seminars click here.

Date, Time, Place Speaker, Affiliation, Title 
(sometimes linked to an abstract)
Sept. 7 Enric Verdaguer, Barcelona University
"Stochastic gravity and structure formation"
Sept. 14 Bei-Lok HuUMD
"From Stochastic to Quantum Gravity: Applications and Issues"
Sept. 21 Mike Ryan National University of Mexico
"T for R and other cheap ways to make cosmologies"
Sept. 28 Erik Schnetter,  Univerisity of Tuebingen
"The Maya Project: Colliding Black Holes"
Oct. 5 Ted Jacobson, Univerisity of Maryland
"Return of the Aether?"
Oct. 12 Larry Ford, Tufts University
"Fluctuations of Spacetime Geometry and of the Electromagnetic Field"
Oct. 19 Hanno Sahlmann, AEI Potsdam
"Classical behaviour in canonical quantum gravity: Coherent states, random graphs, classical fields" 
Oct. 26 Stefano Liberati, Univerisity of Maryland
"Constraining Lorentz breaking dispersion relations with cosmological observations"
Nov. 2 John Baker, NASA/Goddard 
The Lazarus Project: Calculating Binary Black Hole Coalescence Waveforms
Nov. 9
Joint seminar with the Elementary Particle Theory group
Marco Cavaglia', MIT
M-theory cosmology in a nutshell
Nov. 16
Joint seminar with the Particle Astrophysics group
F.W. Stecker, NASA/GSFC (Lab. for High Energy Astrophysics)
"The propagation of extragalactic high energy gamma-rays and constraints on the breaking of Lorentz invariance"
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Pause
Nov. 30 Jim Stone, Chris Reynolds, Cole Miller, UMD
"Astrophysical Black Holes: three mini-talks"
Dec. 7 Mike Ryan, National University of Mexico
"The geometrical formulation of quantum mechanics"
Dec. 14 TBD
Dec. 21 TBD

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