(Phys 741) Quarks, Nuclei, and the Cosmos:

A Modern Indroduction to Nuclear Physics

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Prof. Xiangdong Ji
Office: 2102 Physics Building
Phone: 405-7277
Email: xji@physics.umd.edu


Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30-10:45 am
Room: Phys 1401

Recommended Reading:

The Structure of the Nucleon
A. Thomas and W. Weise
An Introduction to Quarks and Partons
F. E. Close, Academic Press
Weak Interactions of Leptons and Quarks
E. D. Commins and P. H. Bucksbaum
Physics of the nucleus
M. A. Preston
Theoretical Nuclear Physics
de Shalit and Feshbach
Weak interactions in nuclei
B. Holstein


Homework will be assigned weekly and collected a week later before class starts, unless indicated otherwise.
Problem solving is an essential part of physics. It is not possible to learn the subject without working through problems. I strongly encourage you to collaborate with other students in the class on the homework. Ideally, you should try to find a group of 2-4 people to work with. First, do the problems yourself and then explain your solutions to each other. Research on learning has shown this to be much more effective than working through problems alone.


No exam has been scheduled at this point.


The course grades will be mostly decided by homework grades.

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