The following topics will be covered during the course.

1. Structure of the nucleon  (Books by F. Close,  and A. Thomas)

    quark model, SU(2) and SU(3) flavor symmetry

    chiral symmetry and spontaneous symmetry breaking   

     Form factors,

     Deep-inelastic scattering

2. Beta decay and weak interations  (Book by B. Holstein)

     Neutron decay

     parity and time-reversal symmetry

     physics of neutrino

     neutrino oscillation

3. Nucleon-nucleon interaction, deuteron physics (will be speficied later)

    nucleon force

    deuteron structure

    effective nuclear field theory

4. Simple nuclear models

    nuclear shell models

    electromangnetic transitions.

    nuclear beta decay

    double beta decay

    nuclei as a lab for fundamental physics

5. Nuclear astrophysics   (The weak interaction in Nuclear, particle and astrophysics, Grotz and Klapdor, ISBN 0-85274-312-2)

   big-bang nucleosynethesis

   nuclear matter and neutron stars

   supervnova explosion