physics 675: introduction to relativity,
                    gravitation and cosmology

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the required textbook is "gravity: an introduction to einstein's general relativity" by james hartle.
(web supplements can be find here.)
recommended textbooks are "spacetime and geometry: an introduction to general relativity" by sean carroll,
and "general relativity" by hobson, efstathiou and lasenby.


phys601 and phys606, but undergraduate lagrangian mechanics (phys 410)
and electrodynamics (phys 411) should suffice. 



homeworks will be assigned once per week and posted on the course webpage.
solutions will be posted on the course webpage.
the exercises are from hartle's book, except the S problems which were conceived
and assigned by professor ted jacobson for phys 675 in previous years.

homework rules




the course grade will be based on the homeworks.

academic integrity

the university has approved a code of academic integrity available on the web. 
the code prohibits students from cheating on exams, plagiarizing papers, submitting
the same paper for credit in two courses without authorization, buying papers, submitting
fraudulent documents, and forging signatures.  the university senate requires that students
include the following signed statement on each examination or assignment: “i pledge on my
honor that i have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination
(or assignment).”  compliance with the code is administered by a student honor council,
which strives to promote a “community of trust” on the college park campus.  allegations
of academic dishonesty can be reported directly to the honor council (314-9154) by any
member  of the campus community.

course description

The following topics will be covered during the course (tentative)
references on lectures 1-2-3-4:
references on lectures 5-6:

references on lectures 7-8-9:

references on lectures 10-11-12:

references of lectures 13:

references of lecture 14:

references of lecture 15-16:

references of lectures 17-20:

lecture 18 will be given by professor jacobson
on black hole thermodynamics and hawking

lecture 19 will be given by professor reynolds
on astrophysical aspects of black holes

references of lectures 21-23-24:

references of lectures 25-26-27:

references of lectures 28-29:

homeworks on lectures 1-2-3:
(assigned on Sep 3, due on Sep 10)

homeworks on lectures 4-5-6-7:
(assigned on Sep 15, due on Sep 24)

homeworks on lectures 8-9:
(assigned on Sep 24, due on Oct 1)

homeworks on lectures 10-11-12:
(assigned on Oct 1, due on Oct 8)

homeworks on lectures 13:
(assigned on Oct 8, due on Oct 15)

homeworks on lectures 14-15-16:
(assigned on Oct 15, due on Oct 27)

homeworks on lectures 17-20:
(assigned on Oct 27, due on Nov 10)

homeworks on lectures 21-22-23:
(assigned on Nov 11, due on Nov 19)

homeworks on lectures 25-26-27:
(assigned on Dec 1, due on Dec 8)

homeworks on lectures 28-29:
(assigned on Dec 8, due on Dec 10)

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