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Schedule - Spring  2003

Physics 405   Prof. Robert Gammon




Beginning of Class

Jan. 28 1st day of classes at UM
Jan. 29 Course Introduction, Experiments tour, Pictures 
Feb. 5 Using "Acquire" & Errors  Read Bevington Chapter 1 (Taylor Chapters 1,2,4) 
First Homework due
Prelab Questions for unit #1 due
Feb. 12 Counting Experiments and use of Win-MCA Software Read Bevington Chapter 2 (Taylor Chapters 5,10,11)
1st Lab report due (Mon 2/17, 10:30 AM)
Feb. 19 Errors and experimental noise


Read Bevington Chapter 3 (Taylor Chapters 3,5,7)
2nd Homework due
Unit #2 prelab questions due
Feb. 26  Least squares fitting Read Bevington Chap. 4,6 (Taylor Chapters 8,12)
3rd Homework due
2nd Lab report due  (Wed. Mar. 5)
Mar. 5  Least Squares fitting Read Bevington Chap. 7,8 
Unit #3 prelab questions due
Mar. 12 Class meeting, no lecture Read Bevington Chap. 9,11
4th Homework Due
3rd Lab report due  (Mon. Mar. 17, 10 AM)
Mar. 19 Lecture on filtering consequences, residuals of linear fit, short talks with demo by Paul Gresser Unit # 4 Prelab questions due
Mar. 26 Spring Break, no class
April 2 Class meeting Homework #5 due
4th Lab report due (4/4)
April 9 Class meeting Unit # 5 Prelab questions due
April 16 Four 12min presentations:
Cortes, Geraghty, Jemella, Laszlo
5th  Lab report due (4/18)
April  23  Four 12 min presentations:
Pimentel, Pulupa, Schroll
Unit # 6 Prelab questions due
April 30 Four 12 min presentations:
Stockdale, Stryker, Wilk, Young
6th Lab report due (5/2)
May 7 Class meeting Unit # 7 Prelab questions due
May 14 Class meeting
Last day of classes
May 19 Formal report due by 9 AM Monday
May 20 report 7th Lab report Due Tuesday Night, 6 PM