Announcements for Physics 260 (Prof. Agashe) - Spring 2010

(1). Final exam is May 14 (Friday), 6.30-8.30 pm. In Room 1407, Chemistry Building
(not usual lecture room).
(Please also collect leftover homeworks/quizzes/exams right after the final exam.
You can also come to my office - Rm. 4119 Physics – on Monday, May 17 from 2-4 pm.
for this purpose.
This way you make sure that we graded all of the work you did this semester.)
A review of topics for final exam is posted here and a sample exam is posted here. 
The actual final exam will be similar in format to sample, i.e., 6 problems (each with multiple 
parts). As usual, all formulae you need will be given on the exam paper – no other notes 
etc. are allowed.
Please bring your calculators!
In case there are any last minute questions, the TA, Shaon Chakrabarti, will conduct office 
hour 1-2 pm. on Friday, May 14 in Rm. 1102 Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST) Building (located by the intersection of Regents and Stadium Drives).
(2). The (tentative) grading scheme (based on your numerical score evaluated 
as given on course webpage) is as follows: (roughly) top 25 % will get A's, next 
30% B's, next 35 % C's...and so on. 

All of you are generally performing similarly on homeworks so that exams 
will be end up being more important in deciding your grade. For example, if you 
got average score on both midterm exams, then you might be looking at B- or 
C+ (of course that's the current grade: if you do much better on final, then final 
grade will improve).

Again, this is a very rough estimate since I don't have access to your lab scores (which 
count 25% of your final score).
Final grades will be posted by Friday, May 21 (tentatively) –  please be patient!
(3). Lecture notes up to #27 have been posted here.
(4). Solutions to HW’s, midterms (including sample), lecture quizzes  are here. Solutions to 
sample final were sent by email.