Spring 2012




 The Aurora Borealis Shines above Bear Lake.

Find out how magnetic fields play a role in this spectacle of nature!


Welcome to Physics 121

The first part of a two-semester course in general physics treating the fields of mechanics, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, optics, and modern physics. Together with PHYS122, this generally satisfies the minimum requirement of medical and dental schools..


Giridhar Nandikotkur (giridhar@umd.edu)

Teaching Assistants:

ALL DISCUSSIONS AND LABS START NEXT WEEK. First meeting is in the lecture on Jan. 26 2012. last updated :Jan 25 12:17 pm ,2012

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS! The syllabus is up on this website.

First meeting is tomorrow during the lecture. Please click here for information about the lab and attend according to the information posted there. The labs are run as an independent unit.

Please make sure that you check email at the address you have provided to the university. If not, change the address to the one that you check often. This class will be using emails A LOT!

Make sure you have a blackboard account or know how to get one!

Activate your mastering physics account and wait for information about course ID.

Get your clickers and refer to the clickers website to register your clickers before tomorrow.