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The course meets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednsesday in Room # 3316, Physics Building, which is a laboratory. Each day we will be getting into a new experiment. The tentative schedule is given below. There could always be some changes :)

Sep 02          Introduction, E1
Sep 08          E2, E3, E4,
Sep 15          E5, E6, E7
Sep 22          E8, E9, E10
Sep 29          E11, E12, E13,


Oct 06          E14, Review, Exam
Oct 13          H1, H2, H3,
Oct 20          H4, H5, H6,
Oct 27          H7, H8, H9        


Nov 03           Review, Exam2,  M1
Nov 10           M2, M3, M4
Nov 17           M5, M6, M7
Nov 24           M8, M9, M10
Dec 01          M11, M12, M13

Dec 08          M14, Review

Exam Week Dec15-20 (Exact date will be announced later)