Syllabus, Physics 102, Fall 2003

Final grades are here

Dr. D. Brill
Office: Physics 4202
Office hours: M noon, W 4 pm
Gokul Thirumalai
Office: Physics 4221   Tel: 405 6192
Office hours:   Mon 10-11,   Wed 12-1

PHYS102 Physics of Music; (3 credits)Grade Method: REG/P-F/AUD.
Prerequisite: high school algebra. Credit not applicable towards the minimum requirements for a major in physics and astronomy. A study of the physical basis of sound, acoustical properties of sound, the human ear and voice, reproduction of sound, electronic music, acoustical properties of auditoriums, and other selected topics. CORE Physical Science Lab (PL) Course only when taken concurrently with PHYS 103.

0101(49448)Brill, D. TuTh...... 9:30am-10:45am PHY 1410

Required Textbook

The Physics of Sound, by Richard E. Berg and David G. Stork, 2nd Edition (Prentice Hall).

This course will cover Chapters 1 through 7, and parts of other chapters. Some supplementary reading from the Internet will also be assigned. An important part of the lectures are demonstration experiments. Not all of these are described in the textbook, but any material discussed in lecture or shown through demonstrations will be fair game for exams. Class attendance is therefore strongly encouraged.

Outline of Schedule

Here you can find out what lecture demos were shown, and this gives description of the demos. Also see more, below.
If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered in lecture that day.
Grades and solutions for second exam

September   Chapters 1, 2, 3   more
Quiz Sept 30 solution of the quiz

October   Chapters 3, 4   more
first Exam Oct 14, Chapters 1-3.   Solution for that exam.

November   Chapters 5, 6   more
Second Exam November 20, Chapters 3-5. Results of that exam

December   Chapter 7, review. Final Exam Dec 16, 8-10 am, Phy 1410.
End-of-semester tasks:

Physics 103 (laboratory) and CORE

Students under CORE Program requirements must take both the lecture (Phys 102) and the lab (Phys 103) courses during the same semester. In other respects these are two independent courses, and receive independent grades. Make sure separate grades are recorded for Physics 102 and for Physics 103. Physics 103 starts the week of Sept 9. We of Phys 102 cannot give reliable information about Phys 103, nor can we accept written work for Phys 103.
The lecture part of this course (Phys 102) taken alone does NOT count as a non-lab science under CORE requirements.

Homework, Exams, Grading

There will be weekly homework assignments and two "hour" exams (actually lasting for our regular class time, 75 minutes).
The homework assignments are found
After the due date, solutions will be posted on the same page as the assignment. Therefore late homework cannot be accepted.

For the homework you are allowed to collaborate with your classmates (provided each of you contributes substantially), consult the TA, Professor, or other textbooks. "Unauthorized assistance" in the sense of the honor pledge would be copying solutions, say from a solution manual or from previous semesters' solution sheets, without working through the problem yourself.

Your course grade will be based on your homework, hour exams and final exam, in the following way:

provided you made a good faith effort on ALL these components. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor of any intended absences for religious observances in advance. Notice should be provided as soon as possible but no later than the end of the schedule adjustment period.