In a few days Now! you'll be able to find the solution to Exam 2 here.
For now you can look at the cumulative grades we have for you, including part I of Exam 2. The latter scores do not look pretty, so brace yourself: the maximum possible is 40, the maximum achieved in this class, 38, and the average was 25.8
To give you a better idea where you stand, the last column of the grades spreadsheet is a letter grade, computed from an average where homework counts 30% (including the quiz at 25 points, and excluding your lowest score), and the summed test score 70% (so test 1 counts (50/90)×70% = 39% and test 2 only (50/90)×70% = 31%.) A letter grade was then derived by some "curved" formula. This is not the way the final grades will be computed, since we will then have considerably more test information but little more homework information. (That's a pity, because many are pulled down by non-existent homeworks, which count as zero, not some sort of gentle(wo)man's D. Let that be a lesson, to hand in the few remaining homeworks!)
The margin of error in the letter grades (as a predictor of your final grade) is at least one letter, both because the Final will determine almost half (40% to be exact) of your grade and because the letter conversion was done in a way that in current lingo one might describe as "insensitive".

Ready now for a look at the table? Then click on the dot at the end of this sentence (my way of trying to make you read through all the above).