Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics Group   



 William D. Phillips, College Park Professor, Physics and IPST

      Research: Laser cooling, atom-light interactions, Bose Einstein condensation, ultracold collisions, optical lattices, quantum computation.

Luis A. Orozco, Professor, Physics

      Research: Quantum optics, cavity quantum electrodynamics, quantum information, fundmental tests of physics with precision measurements.

Steven L. Rolston, Professor, Physics

     Research: Laser cooling, ultracold plasmas, Bose Einstein condensation, optical lattices, quantum computation, quantum information.

Wendell T. Hill, III, Professor, IPST and Physics (affiliate)

    Research: Optically guided atoms, strong field light-molecule interactions

Howard Milchberg, Professor, IPST and Physics

    Research: Laser produced plasmas, intense laser-matter interactions.




Physics 375 - Optics

Physics 721 - Atomic Physics

Physics 726 - Quantum Optical Information Rotation

Link to a joint seminar between NIST and UMD