PHYSICS 726: Quantum Optics and Information Rotation

Spring 2010, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park

Credits 2

Prerequisites for Graduate Students: none.

Prerequisite for Undergraduate students: senior standing and approval of faculty responsible for the course.

Faculty responsible for the course: Luis A. Orozco, CSS 2203, (301) 405 9740

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the research groups carrying out research on quantum optical information in the Joint Quantum Institute of the Physics Department and NIST. The students spend half of a semester working with one of the active groups that are involved with quantum information using optics. They should plan to be at the laboratory at least three hours a week. At the end of each rotation they make a public presentation (ten minutes maximum, APS format) and prepare a web page with their results.

This semester there may be possible experimental and/or theoretical projects with:

Steven L. Rolston ,

Christopher Monroe,

Wendell Hill, , 

Luis A. Orozco ,

Bei-Lok Hu

and other members of the Joint Quantum Institute


The exact day and time of the presentations may vary depending on the schedules.

January 27. Organizational meeting where the professors present different projects to the students in PHY1305.

February 3. Last day to send Luis Orozco e-mail by with the information on the first optics rotation, first rotation starts.

March 10.  Last date to send Luis Orozco an e-mail about where your second rotation will take place.

March 17. Spring Break

March 24. First rotation ends, secon rotation starts

March 31 . First rotation presentation and web page due at noon (this is after you have started your second rotation).

May 5. Second rotation ends.

May 12. Second rotation presentation at 4:00 PM in place TBD and web page due at noon.



The grade of the course will be:

60% laboratory performance as given by the advisors on the rotations

20% presentation

20% web page


Web pages for first rotation:

Web page from Michael Jarrett Schauber and Jiehang Zhang: Optogalvanic effect in Ytterbium.

Web page from Shantanu Debnath: Magnetic Dipole Transition in Rubidum 87.

Web page from Rufus Phillips: Quantum Vortices.


Web pages for second rotation:

Web page from Michael Jarrett Schauber: Entanglement.

Web page from Jiehang Zhang: A study of the dichroic atomic vapor lock signal.

Web page from Shantanu Debnath: Optogalvanic effect in Ytterbium.

Web page from Rufus Phillips: .

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