Sarah at Cern


I am a Professor in the Physics Department of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Research: experimental particle physicist, working in the CMS collaboration. I am also the PI of an collaboration for innovative calorimetry CalVision.

Contact Information

Office: Physical Sciences Complex (PSC, building 415) 3164

Lab: PSC 3244

Phone: (301) 405-7179, (301) 318-1401 (country code 001)


Snail-mail: University of Maryland, 4296 Stadium Drive, Physical Sciences Complex, Sarah Eno room 3164, College Park, MD 20742, USA


My full CV can be found at this link

Scientific CV



Experiments and some selected publications

Professional positions

US representative to the FCC collaboration board

member FCC "physics experiments and detectors" coordination group

member Americas Linear Collider Committee

Vice-Chair DPF division of APS

Research Statement

My research has focused on precision studies of the properties of the W boson, tests of QCD using Z bosons, and searches for exotica particles predicted by theories of physics beyond the standard model. I am also interested in R&D and simulations of calorimeters, and their use in measurements of the momentums of jets and missing transverse energy, and studies of radiation hardness of scintillators. I have worked on the AMY experiment in Japan, the CDF and D0 experiments at the FNAL Tevatron, and the CMS experiment at the LHC. I am currently working on CMS and on preparations for a new collider at CERN (FCC).

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