Physics Education Research Conference
San Antonio, Texas, August 7-8, 1999

In tandem with the 1999 Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

 Planning Committee: David Hammer (Chair), Randal Harrington, Paula Heron, Apriel Hodari, Edward (Joe) Redish.


1:30-3:30 Invited session: The Underlying Assumptions of Physics Education Research

Chair:  Edward (Joe) Redish, Department of Physics, University of Maryland


Jose Mestre, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Massachusetts
Designing PER studies, and measuring student outcomes: Time for a fresh, new look.

Lillian McDermott, Physics Department, University of Washington
The empirical basis for physics education research

David Hestenes, Dept of Physics, Arizona State University
Modeling theory as a guide for PER

Andrea diSessa, College of Education, University of California at Berkeley
Why the concept of "concept" just can't do it: The importance of theory

7:00 - 9:00 PM PERC Reception/Poster session, Chapman Center, Gold Room/Foyer

Everyone listed in the Announcer as giving a talk in a PER contributed session, or whose contributed talk in another session seemed to be on PER, should have received an invitation by e-mail to put up a poster (i.e. copies of talk slides). The idea is to encourage further conversation, interaction and feedback than is possible during a 15 minute contributed talk.


8:00 AM Coffee

8:30  Welcome and opening remarks, Chapman Center Auditorium

David Hammer will give an overview of the plans for the day.
8:45 - 10:15 Break-out sessions I:  Frameworks and Methods

Topics and chairs:

Quantitative data analysis (Bob Beichner and Joe Redish, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 031

Qualitative data analysis (Dean Zollman and Tom Foster, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 040

Analyzing video of student learning (Fred Goldberg and David Hammer, co-chairs), Chapman Center Auditorium

Designing conceptual assessments (Dave Maloney, Jose Mestre, and Ron Thornton, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 110

What is a misconception? (Bruce Sherin and Michael Wittmann, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 114

10:15 - 10:45 Break

10:45-12:15 Break-out sessions II:  Topics of Study

Topics and chairs:

Quantum mechanics (Stamatis Vokos and Dean Zollman, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 040

Astronomy education (Rebecca Adrian and Beth Hufnagel, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 110

Gender and ethnicity (Karen Cummings and Apriel Hodari, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 109

Electrostatics (Rand Harrington and Peter Shaffer, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 031

Elementary teacher education (David Meltzer and John Thompson, co-chairs), Chapman Center Room 114

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch: Mabee Dining Hall

1:30 - 3:00 Plenary panel discussion: Chapman Center Auditorium

3:00  End of conference.

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