Physics 402  

Welcome to Physics 402

Prof. Steven Anlage

Welcome to Phys 402

FINAL Exam Tuesday Dec. 21, at 8:00 AM in CHM 1407

The exam will now take place in the LARGE Chemistry lecture hall, CHM1407 (which is down the hall to the left towards the Chemistry building).  This room has 350 (very comfy) seats, and there will be just 30 of us in the room!  Please sit in the middle of a 3x3 array of empty seats.  I ask that you do NOT sit in the top row behind the regular seats. This room is well ventilated, and often gets quite chilly.  I suggest bringing a sweater or parka.

FINAL Exam First 6 Pages

Office Hours: Tuesdays 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM IN PERSON in Physics/Toll/QMC/Room 0360, and online on Zoom.

Special Office Hour Monday Dec. 20, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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Quantum Physics II

Fall 2021

Lectures Monday and Wednesday 10 AM - 11:50 AM

Instructor: Prof. Steven Anlage [anlage 'at'] (x5-7321) 1363 QMC/Toll Physics. Office Hours Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 PM

Teaching Assistant:  Saipriya Satyajit
Room 1309 John S. Toll Physics Building, x9 8414, ssatyajt 'at' Office Hours: By appointment


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Supplementary Material (including lecture highlights)

Discussion 1 Questions .
Discussion 2 Questions.
Discussion 3 Questions Concept Test 3   Concept Test 3 Solution

Discussion 4 Questions  Concept Test 4

Discussion 5 Questions  Concept Test 5   Solutions 5

Discussion 6 Questions   Solutions 6

Discussion 7 Questions  

Discussion 8 Questions    Concept Test 8

Discussion 9 Questions    Concept Test 9 

Discussion 10 Questions     Concept Test 10

Discussion 11 Questions     Discussion 11 solutions  

Discussion 12 Questions      Concept Test 12

  Homework Assignments
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     Homework #1        
     Homework #2        
     Homework #3        
     Homework #4       
     Homework #5       

   Homework #6       

    Homework #7  
    Homework #8        
     Homework # 9         
  Homework #10
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