Physics 131

Physics for Biologists I (Fall 2017)

This is not your parents' physics! Not only will this class focus on the physics relevant to living things from molecules to worms to woodpeckers, it will be delivered in two rooms in the campus' new classroom building, the Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center. As a result, the class will be more interactive than you might be accustomed to from other large "lecture" science classes.

To engage in these classroom interactions you will need either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer! Please bring one of these to you every lecture section. If you do not have one of these devices, please get in touch with your instructor right away.

Since we'll be operating in two different kinds of classrooms, the classes will be slightly different (though recitations, labs, and weekly homework assignments will be the same for the two classes). Choose your section below to get the details of your class: