CMTC Talks

Spring 2021

February 9, Tuesday, 11 am
Kun Yang (Florida State University), Zoom seminar
Title: Interplay of Topology and Geometry in Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids

Fall 2020

December 15, Tuesday, 11 am
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT), Zoom seminar
Title: Moire Magic 3.0

November 30, Monday, 11 am
Xiao-Gang Wen (MIT), Zoom seminar
Title: Categorical symmetry and non-invertible gravitational anomaly: Understanding strongly correlated gapless systems.

November 17, Tuesday, 11 am
Cory Dean (Columbia University), Zoom seminar
Title: Correlated states in transition metal dichalcogenides

November 10, Tuesday, 10 am
Ryohei Kobayashi (University of Tokyo), Zoom seminar
Title: Interacting fermionic topological phases with time reversal symmetry

October 27, Tuesday, 11 am
Leo Radzihovsky (University of Colorado, Boulder), Zoom seminar
Title: Quantum smectic gauge theory

October 23, CMTC Symposium
Speakers: Christopher White, Yunxiang Liao

October 22, CMTC Symposium
Speakers: Daniel Bulmash, Shaokai Jian, Seongjin Ahn

October 21, CMTC Symposium
Speakers: Robert E. Throckmorton, Victor Yakovenko, Ruixing Zhang

October 20, CMTC Symposium
Speakers: Sheng-Jie Huang, Colin Rylands, Yang-Zhi Chou

October 19, CMTC Symposium
Speakers: Yu-An Chen, Jay Sau

October 6, Tuesday, 11 am
Steve Kivelson (Stanford University), Zoom seminar
Title: The quantum superconductor to metal transition

September 29th, Tuesday, 11 am
Subir Sachdev (Harvard), Zoom seminar
Title: The strange quantum physics of the high temperature superconductors

September 22nd, Tuesday, 11 am
David Huse (Princeton), Zoom seminar
Title: Many-body-localization to thermalization phase transition

September 8th, Tuesday, 11 am
Andrea Young (UC Santa Barbara), Zoom seminar
Title: Orbital magnetism and an isospin Pomeranchuk effect in twisted bilayer graphene

Summer 2020

August 18th, Tuesday, 11 am
Igor Mazin (George Mason University), Zoom seminar
Title: Ising superconductivity in NbSe2 monolayers

August 11th, Tuesday, 11 am
Dmitry Green (AppliedTQC), Zoom seminar
Title: A superconducting circuit realization of combinatorial gauge symmetry

August 4th, Tuesday, 11 am
Masaki Oshikawa (University of Tokyo), Zoom seminar
Title: Non-Fermi Liquids in 2d Conducting Networks

July 28, Tuesday, 10 am
Eun-Gook Moon (KAIST), Zoom seminar
Title: Instability of j=3/2 Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces

July 14, Tuesday, 11 am
Jennifer Cano (Stony Brook/Flatiron Institute), Zoom seminar
Title: Lattice dislocations as a probe of higher order topological insulators