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Seminars - Spring 2012

Nuclear Physics Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 748) are scheduled for 2:15 PM (note new time!) in Rm. 2202 on Second Floor of the Physics Building (Campus Interactive Map; Parking ) Changes to time/room are noted in the listing below.

Organizers: ENP--Carter Hall, 301-405-6103
                TQHN-- Amy Nicholson, 301-405-1565.

Seminars marked with an asterisk (*) are coordinated with George Washington University Center for Nuclear Studies group whose seminars are held on Tuesdays at 4:00, Room 101 Corcoran Hall . Click here to see their schedule.

Jan. 25 (Wed.) - Classes Start at University of Maryland
No seminar scheduled.

Feb. 1 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Feb. 8 (Wed.)
Gaute Hagen - Oak Ridge National Lab, TN
Towards Model Independent Description of Nuclei with Coupled-Cluster Theory

Feb. 15 (Wed.) 2:00 PM - note different time!
Jozef Dudek - Jefferson National Lab, Newport News & Old Dominion Univ VA
Gluonic Excitations in QCD

Feb. 22 (Wed.)
William Detmold - College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA
Ab Initio Nuclear Physics

Feb. 29 (Wed.)
Javier von Stecher - JILA, Univ of Colorado and NIST at Boulder
Universality in Few-Boson Systems and the Efimov Effect

Mar. 7 (Wed.) 2:00 PM - note different time!
Xiangdong Ji - Univ of Maryland
Seeking Partonic Pictures of Proton Spin

Mar. 13 (Tue.) - Special Nuclear Physics Seminar
Lu Ma - Zhi Yuan College, Shanghai JiaoTong University
Direct Measurement of Xenon Purity by RGA and Cold Trap Method

Mar. 14 (Wed.)
Madappa Prakash - Ohio University, Athens
Rapid Cooling of the Neutron Star in Cassiopeia-A

Mar. 19 - 23 (Wed.) Spring Break Week

Mar. 28 (Wed.)
(No seminar scheduled.)

Apr. 4 (Wed.)
(To be arranged.)

Apr. 11 (Wed.)
Thomas DeGrand- Univ of Colorado at Boulder
Checking Technicolor Candidates Using the Lattice

Apr. 18 (Wed.)
Andre Walker-Loud- Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab, CA
M_n - M_p

Apr. 25 (Wed.)
*Aron Bernstein - Massachusetts Inst of Technology
Measurement of the pi0 Lifetime: QCD Axial Anomaly and Chiral Symmetry

May 2 (Wed.)
Shina Tan - Georgia Inst of Technology, Atlanta
Beyond the Efimov Effect for Three Particles in Three Dimensions

May 9 (Wed.)
Yong-Zhong Qian - Univ of Minnesota, Tate Lab, Minneapolis
Collective Oscillations of Supernova Neutrinos

May 10 (Thur.) Last Day of Classes

May 11 (Fri.) - Informal Seminar
Huey-Wen Lin and Saul D. Cohen - Univ of Washington, Seattle
Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model with Nucleons on the Lattice

May 20 (Wed.) Main University of Maryland Spring Commencement

May 20-21 (Fri.) College Commencement Ceremonies

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