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Seminars & Informal Talks - Spring 2010

Nuclear Physics Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 749) are scheduled for 12:30 PM in Room 2202 on second floor of the Physics Building (Campus Map; Parking ) Changes to time/room are noted in the listing below.

Organizers: ENP--Dr. Carter Hall, 301-405-6103
                TQHN-- Dr. Shaolong Chen, 301-405-6125

Seminars marked with an asterisk (*) are coordinated with George Washington University Physics Department whose seminars are held on Tuesdays at 4:00, Room 101 Corcoran Hall . Click here to see their schedule.

Jan. 25 (Mon.) - Classes Start at University of Maryland

Jan. 28 (Thur.)
     11:00 AM - Note different Day and Time!
Anastasios Taliotis - The Ohio State University, Columbus
Heavy-Ion Collisions from AdS/CFT

Feb. 3 (Wed.)
* Lucas Platter - INT, Univ of Washington, Seattle
Towards Ab-initio Density Functional Theory

Feb. 10 (Wed.)      (Cancelled due to 2010 Blizzard)

Feb. 17 (Wed.)     
Toru Kojo - Brookhaven National Lab, Upton
Quarkyonic Chiral Spirals

Feb. 24 (Wed.)      Time: 4:15 PM, Room: Physics 4220
Andrea Pocar - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Solar Neutrino Science with Borexino

Mar. 3 (Wed.)     
Dean J. Lee - North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Lattice Calculations of Neutron Matter and Nuclei Using Effective Field Theory

Mar. 10 (Wed.)     
Jonathan Link - Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ., Blacksburg
Novel Uses of Low Energy Neutrino Sources

Mar. 15-19     Spring Break Week

Mar. 24 (Wed.)     
Ambar Jain - Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh PA
R-evolution, A New Type of Renormalization Group Evolution and Its Application to OPE and QCD

Mar. 31 (Wed.)     
Iain Stewart - Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge
Determining alphas(mZ): New Precision Results from Jets

Apr. 7 (Wed.)     
Silas Beane - Univ of New Hampshire, Durham
Lattice QCD for Baryons and Their Interactions

Apr. 14 (Wed.)     
Andre Walker-Loud - College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA
A Direct Lattice Calculation of the Strong Isospin Breaking Parameter, m_d - m_u

Apr 21 (Wed.)     
Renee Fatemi - Univ of Kentucky, Lexington
Extracting the Gluon Piece of the Spin Puzzle Inclusive Jet and Pion Results from Star

Apr 28 (Wed.)      -
Yuan Mei - Rice University, Houston TX
Direct Dark Matter Search with XENON100 Experiment

Apr 29 (Thur.)      11:30 AM - Note Day and Time!
Bira van Kolck - Univ of Arizona, Tucson
Hadronic Time-Reversal Violation

May 5 (Wed.)     
Gregory Gabadadze - New York University
Charged Condensation in Dwarf Stars

May 11 (Tue.) Last Day of Classes at University of Maryland

May 20 (Thur.) 8:00 PM Main University of Maryland Commencement - Comcast Center (tickets required)

May 21 (Fri.) 2:00 PM (Note Time Change!) CMPS College Commencement Ceremony - Reckord Armory

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